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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
I've spent the past 3 weeks on the colorectal service. Yeah, butts and guts all day long. Days are measured by RPH (rectals per hour).
Good day <1 rph < Bad day

What already is a pretty dirty service is made worse by the nightmare of a classmate I have to work with. She's the only angmoh I haven't been able to get along with. Father's a bigshot in the hospital. Go figure.

Trying to make me look bad doesn't even begin to describe it. Imagine you're sitting there minding your own business and in front of all the residents and nurses she says "Wei Jin, don't you have any work to do?"


And that's after she's sat at the nurse's station for 30 mins bragging about the wonderful trip she had to Cuba. I'm so thankful to be done with that service. Not that the rectals bothered me, kinda get used ze shiaza flying all over after a while. But trying to work with someone who constantly undercuts, gives the evil eye every chance she gets, stabs in the back (and front) and tries to make me look bad was just positively hellish. I thought I got into medicine to avoid all this politicking. What the hell did I do to you man. Not my fault I'm smarter and answer questions quicker and in a more concise manner.

Goes to show that no matter how good you look on the outside (she's actually quite sweet looking when she isn't giving me the evil eye), it means nuts if the inside's rotten.


I saw an angel today.
She didn't have white skin, or long blond hair, or blue eyes
She wore no white dress, wasn't 6 feet tall and slim
She didn't carry a harp, had no wings, no halo
There was no benevolent half smile on her face

I saw an angel today.
She was black, short wiry hair highlighted with grey, eyes hidden by the tackiest of sunglasses
Her face streaked with wrinkles
She was about 50kg overweight, ambled more than walked
the very opposite of graceful
Old poorly matched clothes whose bright colours had long faded after too many washes
She pushed a wheelchair with an older, grey-er haired lady

And as she waddled her way into the elevator, with the brightest and most welcoming of smiles on her face
She looks at my sullen face and asks, in a voice so full of warmth and joy, a voice that too many people need, and not enough hear,
"And how are YOU doing today??"
My downcast face split a smile, the ugliest of experiences could not suppress,
"not too bad," I manage
"oh, look at 'im now, 'e's got a smile on 'is face!"

She laughs
I laugh
and leave the elevator with an oddly irrepressible bounce in my step

they brighten our day
lift us up when we're at our lowest
put a smile on the saddest of faces
encourage us to keep fighting, keep striving, keep working
Angels walk among us, indeed,
and I saw one today

wow what sorry poetry. exams coming lar k. And I just had to write comparing the white spawn from hell I had to work with and the random black lady who made a particularly horrible day seem very bearable.

Angels walk among us, indeed,
and I saw one today.
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