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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Being much more mature and wiser,
it is inevitable that I would one day be interested in politics. Also, being in north america means that I am indelibly pulled down into the discussion of US politics. Hilary or Obama or McCain?

i have found a way, that bridges my mature-wiser-politcal-mind and my still juvenile gaming tendencies, that helps me decide on which side of whose fence i want to sit.

personally, I think Hilary looks scariest with a gun. Whoever said that chicks with guns are sexy has never seen the Clinton's better half tote one. kinda like saying that female body builders are sexy. *shudder* and who the hell is Romney anyway?
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  • At 11:59 PM, Blogger adonia said…

    Go Hillary! All this ridiculous hype for Barack Hussein Obama- a Senator with minimal experience backed by the Queen of daytime television. I think I'm gonna be sick. It's nice to dream of glittery, wishy washy, sentimental bull once in a while (while one sleeps)- but that ain't real America. So, jump on it, grab a clue, and don't be misconceiving any longer..........change- yes...attainable goals- yes...a realistic view of ecclectic America- yes...mature experience-yes! Vote HILLARY! Otherwise, McCain will get in.

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