this is a coconut shell, and i am it's frog

Monday, October 20, 2008
you're at the right url.

i've been wanting to update the look of this corner of webspace i can call my own for a while now, but haven't found the time. so now i have. and now it is done. it is updated. times change, situations change, people grow, soil gets eroded, alaskan governers claim it's all about job creation.

i figured i'd ditch my pre-graduation abhorent green thing and go for a more mature, sophisticated, clean look. since that's what i am now. mature, sophisticated, and clean.


anyway i wanted the "about blog" bit to be at the top of the side bar but my non-existant html skills refuse to allow me too. so there. the benefit of links to your pages are on the top of my list then. i love my friends.

and i still have yet to come up with a snazzy catchphrase to what this blog is about.
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