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Tuesday, September 15, 2009
oh hey whoopedoo
yet another injury!

i'm beginning to wonder if i have some weird genetic connective tissue disease or something. seriously. marfan or ehler's danlos.

so i was happily indulging my inner golden retriever by chasing after a frisbee. who knew kk fields had random potholes in them. running at speed (the ladies don't call me lightning fast jin for nothing. wait.), my right foot got stuck in one of these random holes and as i tried to lift off at speed, my body wanted to move forward but my foot couldn't.


"oh crap how am i gonna stand in the OT now we have 11 cases for op tomorrow"
it was like the sound you hear when you bite into cartilege. like in chickens. or beef.
i hit the ground. i think i yelled. i know i was clutching my leg. when i finally picked up the guts to look at my foot, it was at an unnatural 90 degree angle to my calf.

resume yelling.
or grimacing. i'm not sure. all i know was that it was bloody painful. thank God that tiffany, a colleague of mine, had decided to join us for the first time that day. thank God X2 that she was working in the A&E. thank God X3 that she was buddy buddy with the orthopod on call. so she made some calls, and by the time they managed to stabilize my foot with a random board, lift me into someone's pickup truck and ship me to the hospital, they were all waiting for me. macam vip. this must be what it feels like to be a top flight football player. except they probably have stronger ankles.

so anyway. midazolam is a wonderful drug. i seriously recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it. i saw the orthopod and grimaced, "morphine. quick."
he smiled and said, "naw, dormicum and pethidine"
"ok sounds good"
"doktor doktor, cucuk sikit ya doktor"
"ok ya doktor cucuk ya"
"sakit sikit ya doktor mau cucuk ya"
"nurse bagi dormicum dengan pethidine sekarang"

the next 15 mins were a blur. might have been longer. i really don't know. apparently i was high. i apologize to everyone there if i said anything inappropriate.
i vaguely recall another crrrrukppt as he reduced the dislocation.
"subtalar" he said to tiffany, who was busy filling in the xray forms.
vaguely recall being rolled into the xray room.
"doktor doktor kaki boleh lurus tak?"
"ok habis sekarang kaki boleh bengkok tak?"

vaguely recall waking up and seeing my foot in a cast, knee down, and tiffany applying pressure.
"this is what housemen do, stabilize the POP" she giggled.

next thing i know i was being rolled out into another friend's pickup.
"what's going on now?" i think i managed.
long story short, they drove back to the field so that tiffany could drive my car back to my house. bought me some food and stuff after a brief search for an open pharmacy (crutches).
kwi sing (another colleague) showed up, bearing baileys & love basics of surgery, "to keep yourself occupied".

er thanks, i guess.

i remember taking a shower, and cursing my luck.

then all was gone again.

midazolam truly is a wonderful drug.

i remember once, in canada, a little old 75 year old lady had come in with a broken wrist. she was all prim and proper, british tea and crumpets kind. very polite, almost apologetic for troubling us with her broken wrist. we gave her midazolam before reducing the fracture. within 3 mins she was holding my hand and saying THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE things. i shall not say more save that she thought i was good looking ho ho ho. don't hate me cause i'm beautiful.

so yeah anyway add another one to the list. i've been injury free for the longest time so i guess when it rains it pours. it sucks even more that i'm working now and actually spend long hours on my feet. see, i don't mind injuring my hands cause you can still get around and do stuff. but injuring your legs, now that sucks, cause you're a bloody invalid. i hate being on the other side of the fence. remind me not to belittle a patient's pain.

at least i've developed a new skill.

driving with my left foot.
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