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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
This song goes out to you
Not all the words apply. But most of it does.
P!nk wrote this song when she woke up next to the dead body of her friend who had OD'ed. I now sing with her for the promises that were broken. It ends on a hopeful note. A note which I do not share.

I shed tears for the first time in a decade today.
Unlike yours, which flows so freely and so cheaply, mine mean something.

"I took your words and I believed, in everything you said to me"
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Friday, March 09, 2007
Technically, she "tagged" me. ahum. Whatever that means. I always wonder at these internet fads, and how quickly they spread. Especially those "REPOST THIS WITHIN 12 HOURS OR YOU WILL NEVER FIND YOUR TRUE LOVE" or "REPOST THIS IN 8 HOURS OR YOU WILL DIE" chain mail crap.

Or how about all that spam mail one gets? Viagra, Cialis, anyone? Enlarge your penis by three inches? All herbal, results guaranteed! Fake watches? I tell you, the che chiong kai ppl have gone technological. Don't mess with chinese businessmen. Cut throat wan ah.

The amazing frequency one sees these obviously false chain mails is disturbing. Could there really be THAT many stupid people in this world? Do people actually buy all-herbal pil laki-laki berjuang bersama awek 5 kali semalam online? Or that many people pathologically afraid of not finding love or of dieing? Either way, we live in trouble times, my friends. I choose to think that I'm enlightened above the noise-making masses. ouhmm.

So in most cases I'd dismiss Sarah's touching me with a roll of my eyes, a shrug, and maybe a long sigh. But since I can never pass up the oppurtunity to talk about myself, I'm jumping onto the internet chain-wagon (for once). Whether I tag someone else and give them the chance to rant about themselves remains to be seen. hoho.


1. The fingers on my left hand are about 1cm longer than the fingers on my right.
I could take a picture, but you might say it's photoshopped. Actually I just don't have a camera. But no matter how I line them up, the left hand fingers are always longer. If I line up the tips of my fingers, the bottom of my left palm is noticably lower than the right. Take my word for it. I'll happily demonstrate my deformities if ever anyone wants. I put it down to playing guitar during my adolescent years.

2. My right forearm > left forearm, left calf > right calf.
Yes more bodily asymmetry. Again, I'm happy to demonstrate. I put those down to sports... tennis, shooting the basketball with my right and jumping mainly with my left. Jumping with the left is normal motion for a right-handed lay up, which is about all I can do with any degree of confidence.

3. I will give almost anything to date P!nk.
Always thought she was ok ok only until I saw her live at Wembley concert. If there's such thing as love at second sight, this was it. Wah she can sing man. Love that "I don't care what you think" attitude. Some call it arrogance. Some call it ignorance. Some call it confidence. *shrug* Watch this. Freaking emo. Freaking good also.

4. I piss people off with amazing regularity.
'nuff said.
Yet I want everyone to like me.
Not exactly "weird", but anyway.

5. I used to have OCPD.
When I was younger the colour pencils had to be lined up in exactly the same order as it originally came in. The lego constructs had to have perfect shape and colour symmetry. 3cm +2cm long block to reflect a 5cm long block on the other side just wouldn't cut it. Had to hug my pillow the exact amount of times and in the exact order before I was comfortable enough to go to school. Had to brush my teeth with the exact same number of strokes, in the exact same order everytime. Could only use red mechanical pencils.
The list goes on.

6. Somnambulism is fun.
Nothing like mom hearing noises at 2 am, waking dad up, and both of them gingerly poking their heads out of the bedroom (dad armed with a big stick), to see a 3-foot-tall imp-like creature jumping from couch to couch to chair, then running downstairs and opening and closing the fridge, re-arranging the kitchen, then back up to the room of their son. Once they got over their initial shock and went into their son's room, all they see is their son sleeping soundly. In another time and age, they would have sent for a priest to exorcise the bad spirits away. Thank goodness I was born in the 21st century, and all I got was a remark made by mom a few years later (after they visited the peadiatrician who reassured them it was normal).
"Do you know you used to sleep walk?"

So I'm not THAT weird. Which is good.
I think.

Since I liked talking about myself so much, I shall give someone else the oppurtunity to do so! whoopedoo.
Since so many of the IMU m103 ppl have already been tagged, I tag -

My wacky long lost cousin Lydia.
Timothy Law, whom we all love and hate.
Psycho Karen, the very very weird and brilliant U2-loving Glasgownian who measures her days in CPH (cokes per hour). The higher, the better the day.
Ah Fei, who's blog gets update once a century.
The big sister, who's blog gets updated once a millenia.

Psych + family medicine exam in 2 weeks!
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