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Saturday, November 18, 2006
Ferenc Puskas, 1927-2006

A moment, if you please, to hear out my ramblings.

The Galloping Major, the Captain of the Magical Magyars, the other half of one of the greatest strike partnership there ever was.

Though we were born way after he retired, those that do know football do know that he was one of the greatest of all times. Grainy as 1950s TV replays are, it took nothing away from his amazing ball control and sheer elegance on the pitch.

"Look at that little fat chap. We'll murder this lot," a British player was once quoted as saying in reference to Puskas before playing Hungary. Little and fat he was, but he was also the one that did the murdering. Hungary whacked England 6-3 in that match, then killed England 7-1 when England visited Hungary. The Puskas-led Hungary of that year was the first foreign team ever to beat England in Wembley.

Pneumonia was what he gave his mortality too, though having already been confined to Budapest hospital for the past 6 years with Alzheimer's Disease and at 79 years old, it probably was a good a time as any to go.

His scoring record, though, will forever be immortalized in the annals of sports statistics. In a truly remarkable career, Puskas scored 83 goals in 84 matches for Hungary, as well as 512 in 528 matches for Real Madrid, all of which culminated to 3 Champion's League titles (European cup in those days) and 5 Primera Liga titles. Scary.

Sadly enough, he never won the World Cup. Having whipped South Korea 9-0, and Brazil 4-2 in the first few rounds of the 1954 edition, Puskas was injured in a match against West Germany. Hungary still progressed to the finals (again against West Germany) but lost 3-2, Puskas scoring one goal but hobbling gingerly around the pitch for most of the 2nd half.

A nation, and a sport, mourn.
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Sunday, November 05, 2006
Another hour passes by,
Starring at the clock, just willing the long hand to tick by faster. It gets dark early nowadays. Very disorientating.

It's a slow night on call. Sick of studying.
I'm just sitting here thinking of something interesting to type.

I fail.


So I feel that I've lost my sense of humour. Lost my wit. I feel phenotypically female amidst the emo-ness.


*looks down*

ok, still there.

I thought that I've got over my weekly weekend restlessness due to lack of nightlife but the moment my housemate put on some DMX and we split some beers, I found that I was sorely mistaken.

Ghetto heaven where fore art thou?
Whither thine hallowed grounds forsake me,
Whither leagues and oceans depart us,
Dj goldfish, perchance that we meet again!
thy primal beats ne'er, nay, ne'er I forget.

Man I'm boring. And this is one self-indulgent post.

Added a few links to make it look less self-indulgent.

On an even less self-indulgent note, I've been refraining from publisizing this bit of news, but since the date's been set, the knee bent, the words said and response given, the ring bought, the grandparents notified, the committee + best man chosen, the planning begun, the dowry paid, and pretty much everything else set in stone, I'm gonna finally publicly announce it -




*confetti* *streamers* *rice* *mash potatoes*

We thought it would never happen BUT IT DID.
*grandma dancing in circles*
*grandpa clapping excitedly*
*bruno barking*
(Wong/Leong family joke)

*simulated conversation between pohpoh, tai ku ma and sei ku ma*
PP "ah mei mei kit kan fan lor!!!!!!"
SKM "har? ping kor ah mei mei?"
PP "neeee.... ah wan ko kor tai lui ar!!!"
TKM "ohhhhhh... ah wan ko kor tai lui? wah... leng chai mou?"
*insert cantonese word for shrug here*
PP "eh PONG!! bei chien fai tit"

I'm going to have a real life macha!
Welcome to the family mr Eng! Goodbye from the family ms Wong!
I hope I spelt his name right.
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    LIFE is like a glass of coke, it may seem full but it's actually just all froth.


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