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Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Good bye new york, hello halifax.


what an absolutely amazing city. As I’ve said before, I really liked manc, I really really liked London but I’m absofreakinlutely in love with new york. Bloody amazing. The buildings, the culture, the food, the places to see, things to hear.

I was here for a month and still haven’t fully explored manhattan. Compare that to Halifax where I walked the entire town in 2 days. Sigh.

The met
Central park
Madison square garden
Radio city music hall
Times square
The Rockefeller centre
Little italy
The UN building
Trump world tower, trump hotel, trump tower
Broadway. Gasp. Broadway.
The blue note
The empire state building
The Chrysler building
Pfizer world headquarters
Ground zero
Macy’s, century 21 and Bloomingdales
Gordon ramsey at the London
Little korea

Familiar? Seen I am legend? hehe random egyptian arch from the Metropolitan museum of art. Will Smith was fishing under this in the movie. The pond doesn't actually have any fish. Just a bunch of pennies ppl throw in for luck (?) More proof that you can't trust anything you see on tv.

And the list goes on and on. I haven’t even included the places that I DIDN’T visit. Like the museum of natural history or the statue of friggin’ liberty. No time, no time!!

I love it how you can walk down the street and hear 5 or 6 different languages – none of them English. The new york accent rocks too. It speaks of frankness, rough and tumble, big city savvy, and that you shouldn’t mess with me.

I love it how every block has 4 absolute essentials – a bank, a little grocery store, a starbucks and a nail salon.

I took a piss in the trump tower just so I could say I’ve pissed in Donald trump’s building and he paid for the water that flushed away my excreta. Don’t mess.

Was also at the blue note, the jazz capital of the world. Chic Corea, Victor Wooten and Dave Weckl played. gasp gasp. That's like Kaka, Messi and Ronaldo timbang-ing a football for one a half hours. Lined up for a freakin' hour to get in! But so completely totally absolutely worth it. At the end of the show my cheeks (on the face) were hurting and I was wondering why when I realised - my jaw was hanging open for almost the entire show. Never ever heard music like that before. wah. lao. eh.

Chic Corea!! The man himself desending the stage. I was within pissing distance of greatness.

VICTOR WOOOOOOOOOOTENNNNNNNNNNNNNN forgive the grainy photo, kamera talipon diambil. my hands were shaking. standing. next. to. immortality.

New Yoooorrrkkkkkkkkkkkk

Unfortunately I’m back in boring ol’ Halifax and its one street. It’s really difficult coming back to this backwater after Manchester, London and new york. Night and friggin’ day (in case you’re wondering, Halifax is night). The goodnews is that I’m rid of the freaking nutjob roommate. After I left new york, she sent me an 16kb email telling me the things that are wrong with my life and how I should change them. Wth. I told her to go get a life and leave me alone. Then she sent back not one, not two, but THREE long emails about how I’m an impudent little child that’s gonna fail at life, get fired from my job, never get married and live a solitary lifestyle. Excuse me but last time I checked you were the 38 yr old unemployed babysitter who sits home all day, not me.

I thank carrie for helping me laugh at her and restrain the urge to write back and point out certain er inaccuracies in her schizophrenia-inspired emails.

And chua soi lek pulled a clinton LOL. Minus the “I didn’t think oral sex was considered sex” statement. Some days I still think of that statement and chuckle to myself. Oral SEX not being SEX. Anyway, who says m’sian politics is boring??

Hello 2008!

May your year be full of promise (fulfilled ones), bright skies (not too hot), green grass (no bugs) and new relationships (no crazy ones).

A good chunk of the little batch that almost couldn't but could will be graduating in the middle of the year. Hard to believe that 5 years have almost gone by since those first few tentative steps into the foyer of an overgrown pink marshmallow. Those same tentative steps that have now become the confident strut of almost-doctors. The first of many letters after our names beckon, my friends. There remain but only a few more hurdles to be leaped, and in the eternal words of a boy I once shared a bathroom with, the longkang is about to be crossed.

Let us step over that longkang with confidence and pride, that the ppl who had no faith in us soon will have their collective feet in their collective mouths (hopefully the feet and the mouths don't belong to the same person). More importantly, we're no longer spending our parents cash.

M103 marches on, watch out world.

I mean uh, be prepared to be saved, world!

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