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Sunday, August 19, 2007
china wine?
What does this bootylicious music video

and this whole wheat granola-esque family photo

have in common?

any takers?


They're the same person.

Yeah, that belly-baring, rump-shaking, arm-flailing, self-titled "geisha" used to be this, and this.

So one of the Malaysians here saw the music video on tv and was telling us about this china wine person, quite the entertaining, from singapore summore. Ho Yeow Sun was her name apparently. Something in me clicked. Like, from my distant past (relatively speaking since distance is all relative and my past can't be very distant since i'm not even a quarter century old, but when you're young [chronologically, as opposed to what you feel cause my goodness I feel old] even the very recent seems a distant past, hence, me saying that in my relatively distant past).

After much consternation and hmm-ing and hoo-ing, I realised where I heard that name before. MY MOM OWNS THE CHURCH WORSHIP CD THAT SHE PRODUCED. Yes I remember aunty Wong coming up to me in my distant past (enter relativity distant past rant) and enthusiastically showing me this CD of worship songs produced by a church in singapore, and written by that church's pastor, and I remember myself being quite impressed with the quality. Ho Yeow Sun.

Ms Geisha used to be (or maybe still is) the beloved pastor of the City Harvest Church in singapore, the largest and fastest growing church in Singapore.

Let's take a moment to consider the implications here.

How do you go from pastoring one of the fastest growing churches in the world to booty shakin' with friggin' wycliff jean??? (no insult to him)
I'm filled with a morbid sort of fascination.
I wonder what her still-pastoring husband is thinking. Seeing his wife bump and grind with random black men on MTV. Cause if you surf over to the CHC website, his face is still there but hers is nowhere to be found (at least not by me).
I really really REALLY want to know what's going on in her mind. She's come under fire from some of the more fundamentalist sections of Christianity, and in other articles has denied ever being a pastor, but all I really want to know is what's ticking in that tocker? Did someone feed the hamster on the wheel anabolic steroids and crack? And run the wheels off the gears?

It's even more dramatic than the silicon-fueled Dawn Yang transformation.
It's like me turning down durian cendol gasp gasp hyperventilate.

I'm a little confused here.

A little blown away.


unsure of what to think.

The world is a funny place.
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Thursday, August 09, 2007
Blogger's block
So. It's been about 3 weeks since the last post, and I must admit, I never thought this would happen but I've got blogger's block. Or blogger's burnout. The great spirits of the blogosphere have left me to fend for myself, blind, alone and dark.

So I've decided to bore you lot (and myself) with one of those today-i-wanted-2-potatoes-but-only had-1-so-i-went-to-the-store-and-then-wanted-candy-but-then-i-only-had-enough-money-for-1 potato-and-not-for-1-potato-and-candy sotheniblablablabla kinda blogs.

I've been playing ultimate frisbee. Like, a lot of frisbee. I never knew that that floating plastic disc could be a competitive sport but apparently there are as many tactics and configurations as football or basketball. And it's played here with the intensity of an FA cup final. Blood and mud flying all over.

And let me say one thing - it's not as easy as it looks. Catching that (*^% piece of plastic is not easy. And throwing it is even more difficult.

Anyway so that's how I've been passing most of my time while not in the wards. Freaking boring right. Lectureboys.blogspot is dead as well.

Forbid it that we have become boring my friends.

Forbid it, indeed.

ps-oh and Esther? I'm touching down on the 19th at noon. SAVE SOME DURIAN FOR MEEEE
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