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Monday, October 22, 2007
So my long-lost cousin lydia "tagged" me. meh. as i've said before, i'm not a big fan of internet fads. chain mails, tags, those "99 questions about me!" questionaires things or whatever. who the crap is honestly interested in what colour socks you were wearing while answering the questions? i mean. seriously. get a life. no one cares. such extremely nauseating narcissism.

but since she's my cousin must respect lar. family ok. make exception. still way too lazy to answer all those questions though. so to not ignore her (not nice ler, family wor), but still not bothering to answer her gajiillion questions, i've decided to post a picture of her and i, in homage of her tag.

hello lydia! this is your tag.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Here they are!!
picked carefully from the gazillions of photos from the very eventful past month, let the pictures tell the thousands of words. More on me facebook. I'm too lazy to upload all.

Luna's private lounge. Just for us woot. Pretty right? never knew it existed.

One flaming lambo to say goodbye to 23...

... and one towering flaming lambo to say hello to 24!!!

Birthday "cake"!. The after effects of 2 flaming lambos on a chinaman's skin colour. woah! can you feel the heat?

Yuppie friends, sara, wayne, albert, nadia, rach, jo and naz.
Thanks Jo for driving me home! Apparently I was talking nonsense.

On to the wedding!

erhm my sister's name is Mei Fern, btw.

I really like this photo. Had no idea that it was taken.

ah ma + ah pa

The groom + best man, bringing sexy back. yea!

here comes the brideeeee

The bride arriveth! and bridesmaids united. Little shannae is so cute I feel like taking her home and turning her into a stuffed toy. Kar Ling my sister's best friend on the left, and evelyn whom my sister and I used to baby sit when she was Shannae's height. She's all tall and curvy now. yes, I BABY SIT.

best man "alright boy, last chance for you to run away. you sure you wanna go through with this?"
groom "dowry paid already, cannot run now, if not cannot collect ang pow."
We changed to chinese kung fu suits. It was the groom's idea to do the whole chinese outfit thing. Waiting for the bride, the groom in red and gold and the best man in a weird meconium-stained thing.

Iain the ring-bearer. Just a little bit taller than frodo. geddit? geddit? wahaha I crack myself up. To the less witty, frodo is a ring bearer too. duh.

the walk... towards the rest of her life

Never underestimate the power of two words. More specifically, "i do".
Uncle Wong the church elder reading their vows.

Families, unite!!

the garden at cyberview lodge, where we had cocktails before the wedding dinner.

ah poh, yum cha

gasp protect me from the evil biting champagne bottle!!

i have no idea who these people are that we're yam-seng-ing with

My sister's posse. erhm I hope I get this right... suat sian, rosa, karling at the top, mei fern, siew ching, min lee seated.

best man, groom, bride, maid of honour

awww... *sniffle*

That's all folks! Now wipe up those tears. well. some of the best from the 10 billion that were taken.
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Thursday, October 04, 2007
24!!! + akak sudah kahwin!!!
So I've been really busy, what with the masses of people to meet up with, the lousy IJN posting, the birthday, and the sister's wedding.

So I'm really really tired but I promised myself that I'd post these two photos up at least to keep alive this tiny portion of dead cyberspace.

My birthday "candle" hohoho

ah zhe kit fan chor!!
No matter how old you are, no matter what age of life, some things just never change. Like a brother and sister making stupid faces.

More photos soon! because I'm a narcissist. eh it was a very eventful trip back home. Consider this a teaser.
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    LIFE is like a glass of coke, it may seem full but it's actually just all froth.


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