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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
gay pride week
Yeah. It's the gay pride week here in halifax. While most places have gay pride parades for a day or a gay pride weekend, here in halifax, they have a friggin' week of proud gay ppl.


Well the parade was on last saturday, and I must say that some of the sights were decidedly disturbing. In my opinion, a parade that celebrates your sexual orientation does not give you the right to dress (or undress) the way some of these people in the parade did. Enlightened society and all that considered, some things are still just plain wrong no matter how "enlightened" you claim to be.

Call me homophobic, but i think even the most homo-phillic person would have cringed when they saw the 100-kilo man on a harley davidson wearing nothing but a black leather vest and a leather thong. Oh, and a helmet and sunglasses. You need more than that to hide your identity, boyo. Or when they saw the skinny white guy (?) wearing a pale pink bra, red skirt, red fishnets, black boots and waving a scarf around. Throw in his (?) dishevelled-looking hair and drunken ecstatic expression, and he'd pass as the bad receiving end of a college practical joke.

And call me homophobic and closed minded, but a drag queen looks disgusting no matter how much make up he/she puts on, and no matter how real her tacky wig looks. It's not like they try to look like women, like the thai ahquas (who are really pretty btw), it's as if they want everyone to know that they're men dressed in ugly women's clothing and ugly women's make up. I mean, how much bright blue eyeshadow do you want on?? Enough to suffocate a straight homophobic man with, apparently. And that's not even considering the 3-inch thick layer of blusher and lipstick and cheesy bright yellow wig yet. Think mimi from the drewcarey show. And not just one or two. Dozens of them. *shudder*

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against homosexuality (aside from the fact that I don't think it's natural at all), but somethings are just... yuck. Ok lemme correct that. I have nothing against homosexuals, but I think that homosexuality wasn't in the big biological plan of nature, that's all.

As I was walking home that day, I passed the area where the parade ended. I could hear a woman giving a speech. I didn't catch everything, but it was your typical "we've got to stand together, we have a right to be heard" etc etc. But what really caught my ear was this

"We should not have to fear the public, in fact, the public, the government, should be afraid of US! That's right, they have to be afraid of US!"

*people cheering*

And some other stuff that sounded disturbingly militant. hmm.

On a more serious and less appearance critisizing note, I feel that these people have become so embroiled in obtaining their so-called "rights" that they, in turn, become close-minded in a sense; immediately shutting down anyone who expresses a sexual opinion that is different to theirs. Immediately branding them as old-fashioned and stuck in the dark ages and of being a close-minded homophobe who should have his brain checked, for such opinions could not possibly exist in this "enlightened" age.

They refuse to listen to any opinion but their own, and violently persecute and vilify those poor joes who have the guts to stand up and say that homosexuality is wrong. That's right, I said it. In Canada today, saying that homosexuality is wrong is like yelling "witchcraft rawks" back during the salem witch hunt. They WILL burn you... Not on a stake (cause it's illegal, right?), but trust me, you'll never be able to walk out in public ever again without a paper bag over your head.

The influence that this mindset holds on society is compellingly powerful. The pressure to appear as "tolerant" and "forward-thinking" has given rise to an almost genocidal decreditation by the media and the younger generation of those who would oppose the gay movement. It's scary. Not in the sense that a scary movie might be scary, but in the way that a dark cloud hovering on the horizon might be scary. An ominous sign of things to come, indeed.

*rubs chin thoughtfully*

And Nadia? I'll never be gay. lolz.
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Saturday, July 22, 2006
Rheumatology. What an amazingly boring speciality. I've been stuck in it for a good three weeks now, and though I started out with the most bubbly enthusiasm, it seems that the bubbles have all popped and the murky bathwater's showing through right now.

Day 1.
Arrived, wait for it... wait for it... EARLY. oh my dear what has happened to me. For the whole of week one I was at the clinic on time, if not early, and stayed even when I didn't have to. yep me<----geek. I was the model student. The personification of feigned academic enthusiasm. At the end of day one, I could see myself, white coat, stethoscope, tendon hammer in hand, 5 years down the road, being viewed as the perennial sober no-nonsense, RESPECT ME, fun-is-for-teenagers doctor. And I loved it. Loved every single moment at clinic. Loved the puzzles of reaching a diagnosis. Loved the sight of patient's gratitude as their conditions improved. I told myself, "I AM going to be a doctor". I couldn't wait for more to learn, I was thirsty for knowledge, for mental stimulation, to hit my books when I got back home.
The weight of realisation that soon, I will wield the power of life and death in my hands, had begun to sink in. Wong Wei Jin, MD.

Day 21.
I've skived over a clinic and 2 teaching sessions.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006
... and while I was passing by...
Check this out. While I was just passing by Esther's blog, look what I found! Do you see it? do yah do yah? Well if you don't, let me make it a little clearer for you...

It says, "NOVA SCOTIA, ONE OF THE TOP 12 VACATION SPOTS" CNN money magazine.

Yeah, if your idea of a vacation is total and abject boredom...

All thanks to Esther, however unintentional, for trying to make Nova Scotia seem like an interesting place. The complete randomness of the advertisement appearing on someone else's blog who has completely nothing to do with Canada, much less Nova Scotia, is just so absurdly ridiculous. Talk about out of the blue. It's the kind of weirdly bizzaro coincidence that'll make smart men believe in total darwinian evolution. I dunno. I find a certain eccentric humour in the situation. Maybe Canada IS driving me off me rocker. Oh, and don't bother with what she's writing about. It's just more boring, self-indulgent stuff. Like this blog, only from a girl's mouth. *shudder*


*These webpages have been reproduced with the full knowledge and verbal consent of the owner, just in case any of you wanna be a nag about it. Plus she's actually really interesting. cough cough*
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Saturday, July 01, 2006
i have a famous friend!
Yeah, since life here is so boring, I've gotta leech off the fun and fame that my friends are having. So surf on over to see the future miss malaysia world 2006, congratulate her and make sure you wish her a very happy birthday! yeah, she's not that young it's actually all plastics. The wonders of modern medicine indeed...

Congratz and happy birthday sim vr! Don't do anything I wouldn't do, ok, since I'm such an example of exemplary citizenship.

btw sem 5? 2ez.

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