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Friday, June 23, 2006
Footie rambles V
So the World Cup is here. wootz. And so far, Argentina have played with a harmony and symphony that resembles a world-class ochestra, England have dissapointed, Germany have shocked with their brand new style of adventurous football, and Brazil have, rather flatly, played some effective stuff but nowhere near the class we have come to expect of them.

Focusing on individual players that we all expected to light up the world's biggest stage, and, as expected, they have so far failed to deliver. England's much-praised midfield quartet, hailed as the best in the world for a good century, has failed to click and produce the kind of football that they do on a weekly basis for their clubs. Captain Beckham has constantly been overshadowed by other players, and the only one remotely close to impressing is the much-improved Joe Cole.

The Brazilian front four, also hailed as the most impressive strikeforce of recent times, has been overshadowed by discussions of Ronaldo's weight and desire. Though if you ask me, if he plays everyday like he did against Japan today, who cares if he's fat? Many also said that Ronaldinho was set to make this his World Cup. As following the trend of big names unimpressing, he hasn't really stamped his mark. Yet. We can only hope for more.

Spain, Portugal and Holland, the perennial underachievers of world football, have impressed. Glory may yet beckon.

Did anyone catch the Mexican referee in one of the earlier games? I forget his name. Anyway, his hair was slicked back with so much oil that it coulda fueled a third-world country for a good week.

It's been pretty fun watching the World Cup here, at every match the pub is filled with supporters of the country that's playing. The Italy match was puncutated with some pretty amusing sounding italian curses, and they actually do do the Russell Peters "you want to eat?" hand gesture thing. The Brazilian supporters have been awesome. They bring drums and stuff to the pub... and samba during halftime. Cool stuff eh. By far the most vociferous supporters.

Having got all that off my chest, here are some photos of life in Halifax. It's all from one of my batchmate's camera, so there aren't many photos with me in them. Ah well. I'm not in a very witty mood today anyway.

This is us on a 2-hour boat cruise that was organized by our class to celebrate their end of year exams. The chinese dude is me. The chinese duddete is Caryn, from whom all my photos come. I can't for the life of me remember the names of the white ppl... but they're all our classmates come September. They bought me drinks. They're nice.

This is Kelsie. She I CAN remember cause she very graciously cooked for us one weekend. Yeah white ppl can be quite friendly. She's also one of the last ppl you should ever mess with cause she's a 4-dan karate exponent. She'd whoop me up fer sure.

Me, Prashant, Ernie, DR G, Kenlin, Caryn and Eugenia. That's us. The 6 m'sian jakuns in Halifax. That's Dr. Gita Sinha, a very nice person. She lectures anatomy, and also happens to be a pretty good cook. An Indian dinner she cooked for us. I ate till them jeans don't fit no more. Her name says "Dr. G Sinha" on the register. So we call her Dr G. Don't mess. She could be mistaken for a ghetto New Yorkian rapper with that sorta name. East coast, y'all.

Me cooking on one of our first few days. Notice the tumpang glamour malaccan in the background. That's Eugenia. She laughs at all our jokes but I have a suspicious feeling she doesn't really get them. Notice classic bimbo pose.

The view from my room. Nice eh. Lotsa people sunbathe in that field, whenever they get the chance. In the background is a super market, hardware store, bank, wendy's and some other stuff. Convenience is the word.

Oh and today at a paediatrics session, we were examining a 24-hour-old baby. The moment I touched him to remove his bedclothes (doctor's orders), he promptly faced me and projectile-puked some whitish-yellow crap the 2 feet or so between his mouth and my shirt.
"waaa.... ullrrrup..." *splot* *gurgle*
Apparently he just had a feed, and mom didn't completely finish burping the little critter. Go figure. Of all the days to forget my lab coat.

What a boring post. Owell. Got more pics and stuff but will post that up another time. Sleep beckons zzz.
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Thursday, June 15, 2006
So it's been a while since I've entered anything onto this blog. It's not because I'm getting bored of my own life, it's just that I've been so freaking tired everyday that I barely have the energy to come up with humorous anecdotes on my life.

That said, the wonderful magical world of Azeroth has been taking up a fair amount of my time too. Some days the connection is so jumpy that I can't play (like today), other days, it's so blazingly fast that it brings tears of joy to my eyes.

10 fun facts about Canada, and Dal med school.

1. Nova Scotia is 27% clinically obese, not counting those who are mild to severly overweight. The total percentage of the population who is overweight is slightly >50%. Stress. SO to those of you who have been asking "any chun chicks?", the answer is an amazingly dissapointing NO.

2. Holding a cadaver's kidneys/spleen/lung/heart fills me with a strange sense of comfort and peace.

3. Total population of Halifax (the town I'm in) is round about 336,000. Yeah, that's like, the total population of taman tun or something man. Or subang. Or the amount of cockroaches at a normal one-shoplot mamak. Not the super mamaks like murni. Roaches there got cities with LRTs and stuff.

4. There are lots of beggars "down town". Down town here refers to ONE street, ie, Spring Garden road, that is shorter than the road on which I stay back home, ie, Lorong Burhanuddin Helmi 6. On an average day I pass 10 beggars. Never woulda thunk it that there are poor white ppl eh? For some reason I assumed that all white ppl are well to do. They're not the grubby looking ss2 pasar malam kind though... they actually look pretty decent. I saw a fat beggar once. How does that work??

5. There is a guy named Osama in my batch. wootz.

6. The average age of my class is 25. I'm young again!!

7. My class has 100 ppl. Of that hundred, there are 7, yes, 7 MARRIED COUPLES. Meaning that 14% of my class is married, and 3 of those couples HAVE KIDS. And it's not a 2+1 wedding, if you get what I mean, these are perfectly calculated, planned marriages and pregnancies. Imagine a kid asking "where's daddy?" "oh, daddy's gotta go to school..."

8. A further 70% of the batch is attached either to someone in the batch, or outside it. wftrgxzz
Out of that 70 students, 8 couples are getting married this summer. o_O"

9. "About" is really pronounced "aboot", and a house is a hoose, going out is going oot, hours is oo-wers. So you could go oot of your hoose for aboot an oower.

10. "Hot" = 17 celcius
"very hot" = 21 celcius
"Cold" = -15 celcius
"very cold" = no such thing
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Thursday, June 01, 2006
One week, and then some…
One week. Wow. About one freaking week since I left the warm balmy temperatures of Kuala Lumpur. It seems like a lifetime away, cause everything is shockingly new. Friends are new, the majority race around me is new, new room, new phone, new style of dressing, new weather, etc etc etc…

Speaking of new friends, I must say that I never knew these bunch of people that are now my batchmates and with whom I am spending most of my time, ever ever existed. Except for Prashant. One, one, one familiar face. One reference back to good ‘ol 32 degrees centigrade. Am I homesick? Not quite yet. A steady influx of Chinese food has made sure of that. I can cook don’t mess with me eh. But I think I’m kinda in the same boat that tim is. At least in my case, the familiar face doesn’t call me a ******* ******* in the middle of the ward. Not yet, at least… *shrug*

Class has started, and I must say, these Canadians take their education seriously. Seriously seriously. We had a peds session this morn and they actually brought in real kids, like, year old kids for us to examine. I was momentarilly stunned when I walked into the Clinic rooms and saw it crawling with small little bawling toddlers. We interviewed the mom, and examined the kids. Don't mess.

I have begun again my journey to become a world-changing, life-saving, disease-curing , totem-bearing, wand-wielding medicine man. The feeling is surreal. Having bummed for so long it feels kinda weird to actually get that engine going again. Huh? What's that? I never had that engine to begin with you say? Yeah you're most probably right but I passed sem 5 didn't I?


Go suck something non-vulgar, you nay-sayers. One day you shall read of me in the papers (for doing something good, mind you) and then you can bask in my reflected glory while saying to your kids, "I used to know that guy!" and they'll admire their daddies and mommies for being somewhat associated 30 years ago to a guy who's now popular and well-liked by the masses.

And what you should mess with less is the sheer shamelessness of Canadians. How shameless? Well put it this way. We're gonna have simulated patients who will let us, yes I said LET US perform VEs and AEs and colonoscopies on them. Hernia's for amateurs man. No blushing here. I hear that they can still talk to you with a straight face after the session. To those of you who don't understand the above acronyms and long words, it's for the better, truuusstttt meeeee.

Sighz. It’s boring here. Like, mind-numbingly boring. Like, knock your head against the wall boring. Well I'm posting these words from my new place in Quinpool, though not in my place per say. I'm in my friend's place cause I got no power at mine. Can you believe that? No power, and what's worse, no bed. Yeah you read that right. NO BED. Cause the person I was supposed to buy it from suddenly turns round and says, "oh by the way, it's only available on the 5th of June yeah..." So I slept the past few nights on a bed sheet spread out on my cold, empty floor... yes, pity me please I am pathetic.


Well the power's supposed to come on friday *crosses fingers* I hope they're more efficient than back in warm balmy ol' KL and really get it done by friday. Then at least the magical world of Azeroth can relieve me of my pathological boredom.

Oh, and they have surprise OSCEs here for fun. wftgrzzz

Snickers here are 50 cents a bar. Hoho.
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