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Sunday, July 22, 2007
quotable quotes and stuff
from Hali, oh haliiiiiii

"It's amazing what people will you let do to them just because you wear an oversized white shirt over your clothes and a rubber hose around your neck"
-random doc

"Remember, children aren't little adults. Paediatricians are"
-Dr B, lecture on childhood trauma management

"Broken? Fix. Not broken? Don't fix"
-another random doc on "approach to orthopaedics".

"There's nothing much else to do except study and f**k"
-Dr J, preparing for the royal college exams

"Excuse me, but we're trying to learn something here"
-Dr. C, interrupted while lecturing on inflammatory bowel disease. He didn't notice that the whole class was sleeping.



photos. because I can.

medschool ball 2006, and one of my dates for the night. Mullan the destroyer.

post-surgery house party. Amin, Erin and Chris.

oh oh got story. hoho. So we were all pretty high already when we noticed that the host had probably the biggest bath tub in the world in his toilet. Can fit like 10 people. ok I exaggerate. Anyway -

We climbed in and started taking stupid photos. There was space for a lot more. See I only exaggerate by a little. Then then some random girl who we don't even know walks into the toilet and announces "OK PEOPLE I NEED TO PEE".
So we ok lar start stumbling drunkedly out of the bath tub when she, big smile on her face, just pulls her pants down, pulls her leopard-print underwear down, plonks her butt on the toilet and just PEES IN FRONT OF ALL OF US.
So we all just stare, it's like watching a whale barf right, it's gross but you just can't stop watching. She finishes, wipes herself up, pulls up her leopard-print underwear and pants and walks out, all the while with a big smile on her face.

We later find out that her name is Lindsay. That's her leaving the bathroom. If you look closely in the mirror can just make out the bunch of us still in the bathtub, stunned absolutely silent. That was the most action I've ever had in Hali. Chris was probably thinking the same thing as me.

She had that smile on the whole time.

It was bloody awesome.

I've said it many times, and I'll keep on saying it. Orang putih really got no shame!

Anyway -
CJ and Beau the cowboy

Maria and Jenn


2 more months till I go back to the land of durians, cendol and coconuts. All in the same dish. gasp. Can almost smell ah Seng kai fan.
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