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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Yes the title reads "title-less". NOT "titi-less", which I know some of you would have read first time.

To all who have supported, encouraged, listened, made me laugh, made me smile, made me forget, sat by me, stood by me.

You guys rock.

Specifically -
Carrie. You bring laughter into the darkest of places. Where would I be without you? Groping around for a torchlight, indelibly.

Lavi. Your bimbotic fascination with swimmers and menstruation never cease to amuse me.
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yesterday freaking stress. 2 patients arrested in the OR, then another 2 on the floor
har? how to arrest in the OR. the police came in?
theycallmecruel @
This woman will be a doctor in 2 years time.

Jenn. I think I have problems? You put things into perspective for me. I don't know where you find the strength to listen to me given the crap that you're going through as well. Shared pain baybeh.

I do think that no one phrases compliments as insults as well as I do. Cut me a bit of slack k.

SO a string of very yong sui things have been happening too.

The day before our psych + family medicine exams, my housemate and I ordered pizza. The dominoe's is only across the street and in Halifax they charge for delivery. Bodoh right. My turn to pick up the pizza (yes we do this a lot). It was like so bloody windy that night that small children were being tossed about like confetti.

In the midst of avoiding the confetti-like small children I was walking back clutching our 16 dollar pizza when a particularly strong gust of wind blew.
The pizza flew out of the box.
Yeah seriously.
Flying pizza.
Like ufo wei.
A very tasty, 16-dollar ufo.
I had a hand on the top of the box, one on the bottom, and the wind blew in through one side flap and the pizza out the other side flap.


Dinner, meet road. Road, this is dinner. Oh and dinner? That's car's tyre coming.

*squelch of car driving over my dinner*

That sound was so profoundly painful I cannot describe it. I remained so stunned I walked upstairs with an empty pizza box. Such deep deep pain. Piercing flesh and marrow.

I slept hungry that night.

OK lar got more yongsui stuff but the above story is too painful for me to go on. I still mourn that uneaten pizza. Gone to where all bad pizzas go.

Plus this entry is already inordinately long.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Footie rambles VII
A picture says a thousand words, they say.


How truly fitting that this is my 7th footie ramble, marked by a truly majestic 7.
"I don't fancy english football much" "I want to leave a legacy" - Francesco Totti, 4-4-2007
"LOL @ Totti" - Wong Wei Jin, 10-4-2007

Don't get me wrong, Totti's a great footballer. But STILL.

On another note, I raised the class average for an exam for the first time since A-levels. hohoho.
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
moving on...
Time to move on in life.

Cardiac surgery rocks. Though rounds start at 530am (!!!) and I'm in the OR till 7pm, I have to say I can really see myself doing this for the rest of my life. A 14-hour day feels shorter than the 5-hour days on psych. Go figure.

Rounds are a lot quicker too. Whilst on psych we'll take 1 hour per patient, talking about how he's gonna go home, where he's gonna go, if the police should be notified, how's he's gonna get money, does he have social supports, yadda yadda yadda, and were so long and drawn out that I often times had to intentionally zone out and think of my happy place (Damai beach.... ahhhhh) for the sake of my sanity, rounds in cardiac sound typically like this

"72 year old man 4 days post CABG feels fine no chest pain SOB fever chills rigor cough appetite improving ambulating well vitals 36-7 82 135/40 92% ora labs 135 4.5 5.5 72 blood count 12 64 200 currently on metoprolol aspririn lactulose furosemide rosuvastatin metformin ceftriaxone morphine physical exam S1 S2 no additional heart sounds no murmurs air entry equal bilaterally no crackles wheezes rubs incision clean dry healing chest tubes draining 50cc's daily"
(recited within 30 seconds or one breath, whichever comes first)

"ok finish off the ceftriaxone then turf him next patient let's go"

There's something oddly peaceful about watching a man's heart beat 6 inches from your face.


Photos! Been ages since I posted any. Too lazy lar.

Dalhousie's Christmas dinner. I won a lucky draw for the first time in my life. It was a mug.
Seated are Karen, Ian, Caryn, Rick (EeLynn's china mari toyboy), EeLynn and me. Standing over us is SinLing. Only Caryn is from my class.

View from my room for a few weeks straight.

CNY dinner @ apt 607 ie my house ie where the party's at. We tar-paued stuff from a far away chinese restaurant. Quite authetic the stuff. Only the charsiew tasted a bit funny.
Side story - Thanks to the Brissie ppl for the CNY webcaming! Was good too see you lot healthy and fat hohoho. I could almost smell hn's charsiew.

Karen passed out after 2 beers. She managed to smile for a photo though. Ultimate camwhore man I tell you pass out already still can pose.

Eugenia was cold.

House party recently after the psych + family medicine exams. Studying pysch makes you pass random phallic shaped fruits to each other. That's Jenn. She doesn't look it but she's 6 foot 1.

Matt, Morgan - non medical friends of friends picking a fight with Kelsey. Bad idea. Kelsey's the most decorated female taekwondo exponent in the whole of Canada. Me, laughing at the image of what Kelsey could do to these 2 jokers if she wanted.
"So, a black belt's really long and a yellow belt's kinda short..." Kelsey, when asked to explain about taekwondo grading and what the belts mean. Does that make a white belt really really short then?

United colours of Halifax. Can send to Benetton make poster.
Reza - resident rowan atkinson look alike, random erthematous malaysian, Bob Best - who loves dota! I felt as if I was reunited with a long lost friend when I found out.

k k that's all I have for now. More at a later date.
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    LIFE is like a glass of coke, it may seem full but it's actually just all froth.


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