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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
muzzers day
*ring ring*
"hi ma! happy mother's day!"
"har? who is this? halo? halo?"
*stunned silence*
"who else has a guy's voice and calls you ma???!!!"
"oh. Wei Jin is it?"
"who else???"
"oh oh uh thank you"

Some of you may know that I call my mom a bimbo. Now you know why. As far as I know she only has one son. 'tis a sad thing when a mother doesn't recognize her own son's voice.

I mean come on lar.

though I exasperate you, and you, me
you keep me fed
though you can never see my point of view, nor I, yours
you keep a roof over my head
though you can never get it that when it's day where you're at, it's night here
you call, and I still pick up the phone at 3am
though your advice has always (ALWAYS) got me into more trouble
you've thought me to uphold trust and integrity and honesty
though I feel I've outgrown, outthought, outsized, outmatured, outwitted
there will never be another woman that I'll cross the world for,
other than you

I doubt she will ever read this, and even if she does, probably won't understand half of what I've written. And I feel safe writing all these honest thoughts cause I know she won't read this anyway.


Happy mother's day mom.
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