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Friday, November 16, 2007
*cue soft heavenly choruses*

*heavenly choruses getting louder*


muslims have mecca. I have old trafford. The pilgrimage is complete. And trust me, it was a very real emotional experience. Religious, in fact. The first view of those big bold red letters brought a single tear of mancunian joy to my eye. Climbing the stairs up to the seats, hearing the crowd in the background and player's names being called out... The first view of the pitch... pristine... the roar of the crowd as the kick-off was sounded like the sound of a jetplane taking off... speechless. Beautifully speechless. If it weren't for the seats I'd be on my knees, arms raised in prostrate joy. The banners that proclaimed REPUBLIC OF MANCUNIA. Just beautiful. Just pure beauty.



I'm in manchester by the way. Now I can tick another off my list of things to do before I die. The list shall be made public when I've ticked everything off of it.

I must admit, it was really surreal seeing this lot again after 2 whole years. Everyone's changed, yet everyone's still somehow the same. Cm's head is even bigger (never knew it was possible!!) yet he retains his procrastinating kiddishness. Charlene puts on the most elegant of brit accents when ordering food, then turns round and curses in the most pai kiah kuantan cantonese. etc etc bla bla bla. Being surrounded by this lot, I regress into the slacker I once was. I recognize myself a little more now... as opposed to the responsible 3rd year medical student I was in Hali... staying long hours and working hard. woah. working hard. that phrase feels blissfully alien right now.

in other news,

Call me Doctor Wong.



well not quite, but all my medschool exams are done.

I say to you, Dalhousie Medical School, veni, vedi, vici.

It seemed as if the day would never come. My resit? Written and passed. WRITTEN AND PASSED. The depths of depression to which it plunged me? Plumbed and conquered. PLUMBED AND CONQUERED.

The culmination of 5 years of stress, failure and re-sits came, when the results of my resit were released. It was pwned like Cristiano Ronaldo vs Scunthorpe United, by a whole standard deviation. In 5 years of medical school, that was a first. I guess fear of repeating is indeed a much better motivator than fear of failure. Cause I'm so used to failure. Not necessarily a good thing. hmm.


I look forward now, with bright hope and the wind in my hair, to even tougher exams and even longer hours and even more responsibility that will push this weak slacker psyche to it's very limited limits.

but for now!

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